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The & Pacific Islander LGBT People and Their Families">API Project of PFLAG NYC joins with other community organizations to host “Asian-American Parents Who Love Their Queer Kids,” a book reading and discussion on Wednesday, April 9.

Author & activist Marsha Aizumi returns to NYC to join other Asian American parents who will share their thoughts about moving from fear, shame and sadness to unconditionally loving their queer children. Aizumi, author of the recently published Two Spirits, One Heart will do a short book reading and talk about the lessons she has learned through her journey with her transgender son.

A small group discussion will follow where individuals will have a chance to ask questions, share experiences, or just sit and listen to the thoughts and concerns of others. It is our hope that participants will walk away with greater understanding, increased awareness and deeper commitment to being courageous, compassionate and connected to those they love. Read more »

At the TransParents Project meeting on Sunday, March 9, Elijah Nealy will speak about the emotional journeys that transgender people make in the process of realizing their true self. Eli has worked extensively with LGBT adolescents and adults in both pastoral and social service capacities. An out transgender man, he teaches full time at Columbia University School of Social Work and has a private practice as a licensed clinical social worker. Most of his clinical practice is transgender and gender non-conforming children, teens and adults and their families.

Elijah C. Nealy, M.Div., LCSW

Eli worked for 12 years at the & Transgender Community Center">Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Community Center in New York City as the program director for alcohol and drug counseling, then as the overall director of mental health services for adolescents and adults, and ultimately as Deputy Executive Director of the Center. He is also affiliated with Metropolitan Community Church, a denomination that works primarily in the LGBT communities and have served as both a pastor and a regional director. At Columbia University School of Social Work and Union Theological Seminary, he teaches courses in clinical practice in health & mental health care, spirituality and social work practice, and LGBT concerns. Eli also sees both adolescents and adults in his private psychotherapy practice in New York City and Westchester County. Read more »

Marchers Gathered for Lunar New Year for All

The & Pacific Islander LGBT People and Their Families">API Project of PFLAG NYC comes into 2014 celebrating its second year of raising awareness about lesbian, gay, bi, and trans issues in the Asian & Pacific Islander community. We have built ties with LGBT organizations in the API community, like NQAPIA, SALGA, Q-Wave, Queer Koreans Alliance, and Dari Project. The involvement of parents has been warmly received, but there is still a long way to go to help families and allies to receive their LGBT loved ones with love and pride. Read more »

Volunteer with the Safe Schools Program and Help Fight Bullying

Learn to Share Your Story at One of Our Training Workshops In October!

Denise Atherley Speaks with Students at the High School for Law and Public ServiceDenise Atherley Speaks with Students at the High School for Law and Public Service

At the heart of PFLAG NYC are personal stories. We share our personal stories, and the stories of our family and loved ones, to foster understanding and bring about change. These stories come to life in our support programs for families grappling with someone’s coming out, they animate the loving portraits that of the Stay Close campaign, and they are the core of our Safe Schools Program.

Volunteer speakers are at the heart of what the Safe Schools Program does. A Safe Schools Presentation is unlike “usual” classroom activities. It does not follow a lesson plan. It does not instruct students to “learn” what is being imparted. Instead, a Safe Schools presentation is built around ordinary people from the community — parents, other relatives, and LGBT people themselves — who share their own stories of having an LGBT loved one, or of being LGBT themselves. These personal stories make the Safe Schools Program uniquely powerful in reaching students. As one educator told us, “The event was absolutely fabulous! Students commented that you never hear parents’ reactions and family stories. It was a new perspective for them. It was a really great program and led to great conversations!”

In the 2015-2016 School year, Safe Schools reached around 6,000 students!, New schools approach us regularly to take part in the program. We always need more volunteers to be speakers in the program and go into schools to share their story. Whether you are a parent of an lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) person, someone with an LGBT loved one in your life, or an LGBT person yourself, your story can help others learn what it means to be LGBT and help change the climate in schools for young people growing up LGBT. You may not think your story is remarkable, but even the most ordinary stories told honestly and proudly can spark revelations and change behavior.

In October, PFLAG NYC will hold New Speaker Orientation Workshops, as well as Skill Building workshops for returning speakers in the program. These will help both new and experienced volunteers shape a personal story to fit a Safe Schools presentation. We will help you identify personal stories that will have impact with students and help you develop your ability to leave behind a lasting message. The trainings will be enjoyable and productive with other passionate PFLAG NYC volunteers. By the end, you’ll feel ready and confident to speak at a Safe Schools Program event. Read more »