Pledge Support for GENDA in Memory of Transwoman Lateisha Green

Last November Lateisha Green was shot and killed in Syracuse. Last Friday, a jury in Syracuse found her killer guilty of first-degree manslaughter as a hate crime. This decision, which was the first prosecution of a hate crime in Onondaga County, brought justice for Lateisha and her family, but no verdict can ever bring her back.

News conference by the family of murder victim LaTeisha Green

Lateisha Green’s family supported her as a transgender woman. They stood by her against the discrimination she faced. In responding to her death, they have stood up to forcefully speak out for protecting transgender New Yorkers who continue to be targeted for violence and discrimination based solely on who they are. Click here to watch a news conference by the family and hear the moving, loving words of a family that had fully embraced Lateisha’s gender identity and wanted no less for her than any other citizen of New York receives.

PFLAG NYC sends its sympathy to Lateisha’s mother, Roxanne Green, and the rest of her family. Ever since Lateisha told her family that she was transgender, they have responded in a way that every PFLAG family can admire: they have been loving, supportive, and engaged in working to make society better for transgender people. Since Lateisha’s death, they have redoubled their efforts to make sure that the public learns from Lateisha’s life and death how transgender people continue to face violence and discrimination. The family has called out for the passage of GENDA — the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act — by the New York Assembly.

Please take a moment now to send a note of sympathy to Lateisha’s mother, Roxanne, and her family. Thank them for their support and efforts on behalf of the broad LGBT community and let them know that you too will commit to fight for GENDA. Click here to send an email to Roxanne Green.