Safe Schools Program New Volunteer Orientation on February 1

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Come to New Speaker Orientation on February 1

Anthony Kratunis at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning SchoolRapt students listen to Anthony Kratunis at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School

The Safe Schools Program brings community speakers into classrooms throughout New York City to share their personal experience of LGBTQ loved ones in their lives, or being an LGBTQ person themselves.

Community speakers make the Safe Schools Program powerful, because it is unlike any other experience students have in their classroom. Ordinary people from the community — parents, other relatives, and LGBT people themselves — share their own stories of having an LGBTQ loved one, or of being LGBT themselves. These personal stories make the Safe Schools Program uniquely powerful in reaching students. As one educator told us, “The event was absolutely fabulous! Students commented that you never hear parents’ reactions and family stories. It was a new perspective for them. It was a really great program and led to great conversations!”

"If only my son, who years ago had sat in classrooms just like these and felt so alone with his feelings and concerns about being gay, had had the opportunity to hear presentations like these, I believe that it would have helped him so much."

Last school year, we reached more than 9,000 students. In order to reach every school, we always need more volunteers to be speakers in the program and go into schools to share their story. Whether you are a parent of an lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) person, someone with an LGBT loved one in your life, or an LGBT person yourself, your story can help others learn what it means to be LGBT and help change the climate in schools for young people growing up LGBT. You may not think your story is remarkable, but even the most ordinary stories told honestly and proudly can spark revelations and change behavior.

Join us on February 1 for our next New Speaker Orientation Workshop. Learn how sharing your personal story can open dialogue, inspire students, and help schools make sure they are safe and affirming for LBGTQ students. Your story could save a life.

If you have always wanted to explore volunteering with the Safe Schools Program, here’s your opportunity to get involved. For more information or to sign up for the orientation workshop, send an email to

WHAT: Safe Schools New Speaker Orientation Workshop
WHERE: Manhattan - Location to be provided
WHEN: Saturday, February 1, 2020 - 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.