Making It Better Now for LGBT Students with the Safe Schools Program


The Safe Schools Program of PFLAG NYC is making things better for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students in ways that no one else can. As parents and other family members joining together with the LGBT people we love, we use our powerful family stories to help students who don’t know where to turn in school or at home to talk about their feelings.

Although it gets better for adults who are LGBT, we cannot just tell our children, “Wait until you grow up.” For too many young people it is still a frightening experience to go to school every day. The latest research still shows that nearly every student hears terms like “gay” being used as a slur in school, and it can be terrifying for any student to be different.

That is why PFLAG NYC brings the Safe Schools Program to help change the climate for LGBT and straight students alike in schools throughout New York City. Watch our Safe Schools video to learn more about the program and hear actual students and teachers talk about the difference it has made in their schools.

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