Corporate & Community Outreach

PFLAG NYC takes seriously its role as the “straight voice” within the LGBT community. Through Corporate & Community Outreach programs PFLAG NYC helps straight people understand LGBT issues and fully welcome LGBT people in their homes, workplaces, and communities.

In the business community, PFLAG NYC partners with corporations to deliver diversity training and teach employees how to be allies to LGBT colleagues. By bringing home the message that issues ranging from inclusive language to same-sex partner benefits affect not just LGBT employees, but many families of straight employees as well, PFLAG NYC’s corporate programs help improve work environments by building mutual understanding between colleagues. They can also help corporate employees better understand LGBT people and their families—an important demographic group for any business today.

Another area of PFLAG NYC’s outreach is faith communities. For many LGBT people, religious tradition can be an obstacle to fully accepting themselves and full acceptance by the family and friends. PFLAG NYC speaks in religious institutions and works with faith leaders to help families accept and embrace their LGBT loved ones.

With its family-centered perspective, PFLAG NYC is uniquely able to build bridges of understanding in the work and community organizations that are vital parts of our everyday life.

If you would like to have PFLAG NYC put on an education program in your company, faith community, or other community organization, please contact PFLAG NYC at