"Stay Close" Campaign

Stay Close” is an educational and awareness media campaign created by PFLAG NYC to spread the word about the PFLAG organization to parents, families, teachers, clergy, politicians, LGBT people and the general public. The campaign’s goal is to let people know PFLAG can help families and friends better understand and accept the LGBT people in their lives and help them build stronger relationships. Ultimately, “Stay Close” aims to increase acceptance, reduce bigotry and change hearts and minds.

The campaign consists of portraits of straight celebrities and well-known personalities posing with their LGBT family members and friends.

Currently released “Stay Close” ads feature the following families:

Since its launch in 2005, the “Stay Close” Campaign has won numerous advertising awards and achieved more than $2.5 million in pro-bono media placements in local and national media. Ad placements have included subway and bus advertisements through CBS Outdoor and television PSAs across 40 channels on Time Warner Cable.

The “Stay Close” Campaign is also an important element of PFLAG NYC’s community programs. “Stay Close” celebrities serve as models of diverse families embracing their LGBT loved ones.

For more information, visit the “Stay Close” Campaign website.