Education Programs

We have all grown up in a society that assumes heterosexuality and assumes one pattern of gender expressions. We have been taught, or have absorbed through others’ attitudes, deep-seated myths and untruths about those who are not heterosexual. Our ignorance causes immense pain to those we love and diminishes our lives, our families, and our communities.

PFLAG NYC is working to change these norms and create a society that recognizes the full range of human diversity and embraces LGBT individuals. As family and friends of LGBT people, PFLAG NYC has a strong voice to reach out into the wider community.

PFLAG NYC reaches out to educate the wider community through the following programs:

  • The PFLAG NYC Safe Schools Program works with teachers, principals, counselors and students to ensure that LGBT youth are safe and successful in school.
  • The “Stay Close” Campaign, a print, radio, television and online public awareness and educational campaign that helps the general public better understand and accept the LGBT people in their lives.
  • Through Corporate & Community Outreach, PFLAG NYC presents diversity education programs at corporations and businesses, community groups, religious institutions, and other organizations.