Having Those Difficult Discussions About Relationships with Dr. Hannah Ellerkamp

PFLAG NYC’s Support Services will provide two free virtual workshops with special guest and clinical psychologist, Dr. Hannah Ellerkamp. November's workshop will focus on how to have hard conversations with LGBTQIA+ youth related to bodies, sex, intimacy, online safety, and relationships. Parents/caregivers and families are undoubtedly concerned about their children’s safety and exposure to all types of relationships. If you are wondering how to navigate conversations around bodies, sex, intimacy, online safety and relationships with your 13+ tween, teen, and young adult lgbtqa+ loved one, we invite you to attend our virtual workshop. This is a mindful and important way to build your relationship and provide them with some life skills. We want to ensure that you can feel free to ask, share, and learn in a safe, non judgemental space so we ask that you attend the workshop without your child and that you’re in a location where you have privacy. These workshops are good for parents, families, and caregivers of tweens, teens, and young adults (13+). Learn more and register.