How I Became an Accepting Mom to my Nonbinary Queer Child of Trans Experience

LoAn Nguyen speaks about supporting her nonbinary child of queer experience. Watch this special video to hear about her journey and how PFLAG NYC played an important role.

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Video Transcript

My journey as an accepting mom to my non-binary queer daughter with transgender experience certainly has had its ups and downs, like anything else in life. Though this was a huge learning curve, as scared as I was when she first came out to me at 11 years old, I also knew intuitively so, that this was a gift to behold and it was up to me to learn how to respond and take care of both of us, mother and daughter. And that’s why I am forever indebted to PFLAG NYC for all the support meetings I get to participate in and learn from all the families, the parents and the kids, their stories of love and acceptance reflect my own journey. And that has made a big difference in the way I grow and supports my daughter along with all the queer kids in my world.

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