SOGI Tweens Group

The SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) Tweens Group is a support group for parents/caregivers and supportive friends or family members of LGBTQIA+ young people entering/in early adolescence - roughly aged 9-15 (with some flexibility). There are so many concerns, challenges, and discoveries occurring around puberty for Queer and TGNC young people (and those who love them!), including identity, sexuality, body image, gender-affirming medical care, names and pronouns, and navigating family, school and peer relationships. Join our community to meet understanding friends, share information and resources, and get support as we strive to show up and advocate for our kiddos to be their most authentic selves. *This group will be facilitated in English but one of our regular facilitators is also fluent in Spanish. Note that this group arose from within the TFP (Trans Families Project) group and families are welcome to join/attend both; SOGI Tweens offers an inclusive, age-group-specific space for families of youth who identify anywhere within the rainbow spectrum. *Las consultas en español están bien!