Trans-Forming the Playing Field: Reframing Inclusion in Sport

February 15, 2023, 7pm ET

PFLAG NYC and PFLAG Greater Boston are coming together to host Trans-Forming the Playing Field: Reframing Inclusion in Sport with Chris Mosier, a trailblazing athlete, coach, and founder of

The last several years we’ve seen misinformation and outright lies about the inclusion of transgender and nonbinary athletes in sports at all levels. Join trailblazing Team USA athlete Chris Mosier, the first known transgender man to represent the United States in international competition, as he provides context about the current social and political landscape, debunks common myths, and shares his own experiences to give folks tangible ways to be better allies to transgender and nonbinary people in sports.

photo by Ken Stone

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About Our Guest

photo by Ashley Hamm

photo of Chris Mosier

Chris Mosier is a trailblazing athlete, coach, and founder of In 2020 he made history by becoming the first transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Trials in the gender with which they identify. Before that, in 2015 he became the first openly trans man to make a Men’s US National Team. He was instrumental in getting the International Olympic Committee policy on transgender athletes changed, and in June 2016 he became the first trans athlete to compete in a world championship race under the new rules, where he was the second-fastest American man in his group. He has been called “the man who changed the Olympics” by the BBC and New York Magazine. Chris is a seven-time member of Team USA representing the United States in the sprint triathlon and the short course and long course duathlon, a three-time Men’s National Champion, and a Men’s All-American.

photo by Alexandra Genova

Chris is also a nationally recognized four-time Ironman triathlete, and an inductee into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame. He is sponsored by Nike and was featured in a Nike commercial that aired during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Chris has been featured in publications including ESPN The Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and more.
Chris’s website is the go-to source for information about transgender athletes in sport. Chris has written and advocated for change in policies from the high school level to national governing bodies and professional leagues. He has become one of the leading grassroots organizers against the current wave of anti-trans legislation across the United States. When not fighting the good fight, he mentors transgender and non-binary athletes around the world in hopes that he can live by his motto of “be who you needed when you were younger.

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