SOGI Tweens Group

The SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) Tweens Group is a support group for parents/caregivers and supportive friends or family members of LGBTQIA+ young people entering/in early adolescence - roughly aged 9-15 (with some flexibility). There are so many concerns, challenges, and discoveries occurring around puberty for Queer and TGNC young people (and those who love them!), including identity, sexuality, body image, gender-affirming medical care, names and pronouns, and navigating family, school and peer relationships. Join our community to meet understanding friends, share information and resources, and get support as we strive to show up and advocate for our kiddos to be their most authentic selves. *This group will be facilitated in English but one of our regular facilitators is also fluent in Spanish. Note that this group arose from within the TFP (Trans Families Project) group and families are welcome to join/attend both; SOGI Tweens offers an inclusive, age-group-specific space for families of youth who identify anywhere within the rainbow spectrum. Online registration for this new group is not yet set up on the PFLAGNYC website, so to sign up and receive a reminder email with Zoom link please email and include your name, the child's age and […]


Loving Elders Support Group

The theme for this month will be "lead with the wisdom of your heart." Elders give children the promise of community, continuity, and consciousness of self. They are the spiritual guides that keep culture and personal history alive in the hearts of the young. They nurture the love and understanding that can then withstand the difficulties and appreciate the beauty of our shared walk through life. We love and cherish our grandchildren and may be the most accepting because so many unimportant things are of no concern to us anymore compared to our precious children. If you identify as a grandparent or an intergenerational influence in the life of an LGBTQ+ person join us for the launch of our Loving Elders Support Group. We’ll meet the first Monday of each month from 7:00 - 8:30 pm ET. Learn more and register.


The Healing Bereavement Circle

For those who've lost an LGBTQ+ loved one to suicide, The Healing Bereavement Circle Support Group is your caring community. We're a peer support group, a sanctuary for your grief, and a source of strength. Guided by compassionate facilitators, we offer understanding, resources, and a safe space to heal together. Join us on the path from loss to hope. To register and receive more information, please click here.


Dads Group

This group provides a space for dads to connect with other dads around the topic of their child’s and their family’s coming out process across the range of LGBTQ+ identities. All dads and caregivers in a father-like role are welcome to join. To register and receive more information, please click here.


API Parents & Caregivers Group

This group is a twice-monthly lunchtime discussion group for Asian-Pacific Islander parents & caregivers about their children who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. The group is one of the offerings of API Rainbow Parents, which provides information and support to Asian-Pacific Islander (API) families with a family member who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ+). To register and receive more information, please click here.


El Amor Hace la Familia

Grupo de apoyo para familias en la comunidad latina con seres queridos LGBTQ+ de diversas orientaciones sexuales o identidades de género / Support group for families in the Latino community with LGBTQ+ loved ones of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Todas las reuniones actualmente se ocurren en línea. Para más información Para más eventos  


TransFamilies Project

The TransFamilies Project (TFP) is a support group for parents transgender children, as well as other family members and friends. No matter when your child disclosed their gender identity, or what stage of transition they're in, join with others at the TransFamilies Project to meet understanding friends, share important information, and to get (and provide) support as we all travel this special road together. To register and receive more information, please click here.


General Support Meeting

General Meetings are PFLAG NYC broadest offering for support and discussion. We welcome individuals and families with interest around all issues across the LGBTQ+ spectrum — gender identity, sexual orientation, allyship, and more. To register and to receive more information, please click here.


API Rainbow Parents Tea with Parents

API Rainbow Parents provides information and support to Asian-Pacific Islander (API) families with a family member who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ+). The Afternoon Tea is a monthly social gathering for members of the Asian & Pacific Islander community who are LGBTQ+, along with their parents and other loved ones. API Rainbow Parents has a special focus on meeting the cultural and language needs of API families. To register and receive more information, please click here.


Neurodiversity & Gender Diversity Meeting

The Neurodiversity & Gender Diversity Meeting is a group for parents of kids, teens, and folx who live at the intersection of trans-ness and neurodivergence (ASD, ADHD, PDA, ODD/DMDD, bipolar, anxiety/depressive disorders, etc). Find community and a safe place to share among other families whose transgender and nonbinary loved ones require additional supports. For more information and to register, please click here.

Having Those Difficult Discussions About Relationships with Dr. Hannah Ellerkamp

PFLAG NYC’s Support Services will provide two free virtual workshops with special guest and clinical psychologist, Dr. Hannah Ellerkamp. November's workshop will focus on how to have hard conversations with LGBTQIA+ youth related to bodies, sex, intimacy, online safety, and relationships. Parents/caregivers and families are undoubtedly concerned about their children’s safety and exposure to all types of relationships. If you are wondering how to navigate conversations around bodies, sex, intimacy, online safety and relationships with your 13+ tween, teen, and young adult lgbtqa+ loved one, we invite you to attend our virtual workshop. This is a mindful and important way to build your relationship and provide them with some life skills. We want to ensure that you can feel free to ask, share, and learn in a safe, non judgemental space so we ask that you attend the workshop without your child and that you’re in a location where you have privacy. These workshops are good for parents, families, and caregivers of tweens, teens, and young adults (13+). Learn more and register.

Fam for a Day

Harry Bellafonte 115th Street Library 203 West 115th Street, New York, NY, United States

PFLAG NYC and the New York Public Library at 115th Street are here to support and uplift LGBTQ+ teens looking for a community to celebrate recent victories, share news, and anything else we can do to be Fam for the Day. This event is good for youth ages 13-18. Learn more and register.  

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